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Substitutes for the Elliptical Trainer

Le 8 avril 2016, 05:17 dans Humeurs 0

saucony trainers If your joints are up to a little impact, you don't need an elliptical trainer to run or walk -- you can do it anywhere there's room for your sneakers to move. Except for the difference in impact, running and walking yield the same benefits you'd get from using an elliptical trainer: They're all types of weight-bearing exercise that can boost your immune system, improve your cardiovascular health, lighten your mood and shrink your waistline.

Other Gym Machines

The elliptical trainer isn't the only piece of cardio equipment in the gym that offers a full-body workout. Try the rower: Your legs work to push the seat back, and your upper body works to haul the handle in toward your chest with each stroke.

saucony grid 9000 If you're willing to sacrifice the full-body component, you can get an effective cardiovascular workout on almost any other cardio machine in the gym. Treadmills give you the freedom to walk and run as you would on an elliptical, but exercise bikes and stair steppers are good alternatives if you need to stick to low-impact exercise.

Water Workouts

If you're still looking for a low-impact, full-body alternative to the elliptical trainer, try swimming, water aerobics or even water jogging. The water supports your body -- allowing greater and more comfortable range of motion -- and provides resistance with every movement. If you tend to overheat when you work out, exercising in a relatively cool pool may also be more comfortable than working out on dry land.

Outdoor Exercise

saucony shadow 5000 If you're not the type to spend a lot of time in the gym, you can enjoy a low-impact cardiovascular workout outdoors, too. Try sweep rowing for a full-body workout or, if you're more the solitary type, vigorous kayaking provides a great upper-body workout to go with your cardiovascular exertion. Bicycling and inline skating are other low-impact alternatives you can do anywhere you've got a stretch of flat pavement to play on. dsrteaarm1569

Big Reasons to Keep Scrapbook Albums

Le 28 janvier 2015, 09:57 dans Humeurs 0

nike air max homme Every day is a new venue for different great experiences. There are plenty of moments and events that you've been wanting to cherish over and over. With this, keeping a scrapbook can definitely be helpful. Keeping scrapbook albums can help you preserve memories. In a way, it is also an expression of one's personality. Every small detail expresses something of who you are and how you feel at the moment. It is a way of journaling without having to put lots of words together. It can convey historical events or milestones in your life and you can even relay covered feelings and thoughts undertaking this leisure pursuit. For some people, it is a recreation way of spending their relaxation time. Others even make it as a convenient way of sourcing incomes.

To get started, purchase a scrapbook album. Nowadays, there are wide selections for this vastly popular hobby. They come in different styles, sizes, colors and materials. Choosing one is a personal decision. Choose high-quality ones since these pages will surely be kept for a long period of time. Also, scrapbook albums are the backbone of your collections. nike air max noir Thus, it is important to choose a sturdy framework for your memorabilia. Acid and lignin free pages are preferred for they ensure that your photos will not be ruined and that they will be preserved properly. Also, keep a scrapbook album that can hold up frequent page turnings. In addition, albums are usually in rectangular (8-1/2x11") and square (12x12") sizes but there are varied sizes that one may opt to choose depending on the photo and embellishment sizes that you have. There are also different types of albums. A flex-hinge scrapbook album is a sturdy type that has flexible straps that thread through the cover while a post bound scrapbook album has usually two to three metal screws that hold its parts together. This is ideal when you want to reorder pages and to extend more pages for your album.

On the other hand, a spiral bound album is a smaller type that is ideal for beginners and for small projects. You can also create your own albums by putting quality boards and papers together. Other materials needed for this project are adhesives, pair of scissors, quality markers and different colorful embellishments like glittering stickers and ribbons.

chaussure nike air max Keeping albums is really fun. Start by choosing a specific theme and do everything with grace. Afterwards, you'll be rewarded by precious albums that you and your family can cherish for years to come. Make it a habit and enjoy!

Certification for Life Coaching in Sales, Passion,

Le 17 janvier 2015, 09:01 dans Humeurs 0

Certification for Life Coaching Includes Sales, Passion and Leadership

asics running shoes Are you Interested in getting a certification for life coaching or are you simply interested in understanding how to influence others? Either way, this article is essential for understanding and empowering others.

Here is a little bit of empowerment coaching that will help you influence others. You will love it!

Here are some simple techniques to help you understand the learning styles of your relationships and customers. Once you understand how they process information, you will understand exactly how to communicate to them. There are 4 different learning styles, which are also referred to as representational systems. This is the way your customers represent information within their own minds. Here are the four: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Auditory Digital.

Here are some of the characteristics of visual people. Stand erect, eyes are up, breathing from top of lungs, speak quickly, see pictures. They are very interested in how something looks. They use words such as: I see, that looks good to me, it appears, show me, imagine, crystal clear, I get the picture, hazy. They use phrases such as it appears to me, I need to catch a glimpse, in light of these new circumstances, paint a picture for me, tunnel vision, you're a sight for soar eyes.

asics gel kayano 18 Now as you are talking with others you will start to notice your awareness picking up on these common words that are used every single day. Most people don't know the rhyme or reason of how to communicate effectively. Now you know something that very few people understand. This will accelerate your interpersonal skills and allow you to become a master communicator and influencer of others. Now let's move on to auditory learners.

Auditory learners tend to sound like a radio announcer, with a deep, penetrating voice. They talk to themselves at times. They like to be told how they are doing and they are interested in what you say. They use words such as hear, listen, sound, rings a bell, tune in, resonates, silence. They use phrases such as: I want to be clear as a bell, give me your ear for a moment; Am I loud and clear?

Here is a great phrase to use in a sales situation with an auditory learner. "If I could tell you a way you would want to hear about it wouldn't you." Notice how we are using the exact words an auditory learner would respond to.

Kinesthetic learners process information by feeling and touching. Here are some characteristics to help you identify if someone is primarily kinesthetic: Breath bottom of lungs, talk slowly, respond to touching, physical rewards etc...

They use words such as: Feel, grasp, get a hold of, solid, tap into something, come to grips, get a handle, get in touch, that slipped my mind, walk hand and hand through this. Here is some powerful language to use in a sales situation with a kinesthetic learner: If we can get a handle on a concrete way for you to produce better results you will want to move forward won"t you. You also want to continually check in with your customers asking them questions such as: How does that feel? (notice the word feel)

asics gel kinsei Auditory Digital learners tend to use words such as: Makes sense, Logical, steps, procedures, sequences, Think, learn, process, conceive, consider, know. Here is a great way to communicate to an auditory digital learner in a sales situation: How about if I lay this out in a way that makes sense so you can conceptualize it?

By now, you should understand how these powerful representational systems can help you become a master communicator in life and business. Ok, that's my empowerment coaching for the day. If you just learn what I shared, you are on the right path to explore a certification for life coaching. I hope you feel empowered now.

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