saucony trainers If your joints are up to a little impact, you don't need an elliptical trainer to run or walk -- you can do it anywhere there's room for your sneakers to move. Except for the difference in impact, running and walking yield the same benefits you'd get from using an elliptical trainer: They're all types of weight-bearing exercise that can boost your immune system, improve your cardiovascular health, lighten your mood and shrink your waistline.

Other Gym Machines

The elliptical trainer isn't the only piece of cardio equipment in the gym that offers a full-body workout. Try the rower: Your legs work to push the seat back, and your upper body works to haul the handle in toward your chest with each stroke.

saucony grid 9000 If you're willing to sacrifice the full-body component, you can get an effective cardiovascular workout on almost any other cardio machine in the gym. Treadmills give you the freedom to walk and run as you would on an elliptical, but exercise bikes and stair steppers are good alternatives if you need to stick to low-impact exercise.

Water Workouts

If you're still looking for a low-impact, full-body alternative to the elliptical trainer, try swimming, water aerobics or even water jogging. The water supports your body -- allowing greater and more comfortable range of motion -- and provides resistance with every movement. If you tend to overheat when you work out, exercising in a relatively cool pool may also be more comfortable than working out on dry land.

Outdoor Exercise

saucony shadow 5000 If you're not the type to spend a lot of time in the gym, you can enjoy a low-impact cardiovascular workout outdoors, too. Try sweep rowing for a full-body workout or, if you're more the solitary type, vigorous kayaking provides a great upper-body workout to go with your cardiovascular exertion. Bicycling and inline skating are other low-impact alternatives you can do anywhere you've got a stretch of flat pavement to play on. dsrteaarm1569